#SVGives 2016

Thank You, Silicon Valley!

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Thanks to your support on Silicon Valley Gives Day, the Housing Industry Foundation raised over $30,000 to help people like Sam, an Air Force Veteran who moved to the Bay Area with his children after the sudden passing of his wife. A $2,500 grant from HIF allowed Sam to afford a security deposit for an apartment close to friends, an apartment out of reach with his military benefits. Since moving in, Sam has enrolled in a local college to pursue a degree in Psychology and Social Action and wants to be a true role model for his sons, who will also be thinking of college soon.

The funds raised on SVGives Day will go directly to helping over twenty Bay Area residents like Sam.

Check out the final SVGives fundraising results here!  We would like to say an extra special thank you to the companies on the HIF Leaderboard who created fundraising teams on behalf of HIF for SVGives – we could not have done it without you!


Dear Champion,

6332207469_bfa703d033_bYou are reading this because you care about your community. Your company supports the Housing Industry Foundation and you know that because of that support, HIF is able to keep low income families threatened with homelessness safe in their homes. Perhaps you have volunteered on a renovation of a local nonprofit with HIF, allowing that nonprofit to use their resources to serve the community. You know the importance of giving back and giving forward.

What about your coworkers? Have new employees had the opportunity to get involved with HIF? How does your team engage with philanthropy? Have you had the chance to give back and give forward recently?


This May 3rd, Silicon Valley Gives Day, HIF has the perfect way for your company to engage with the community and show that you are the best in the industry. The stage has been set and we challenge YOU to compete against other leading companies in the apartment industry to raise money for HIF, providing grants to combat homelessness in your community.





Thank you for being a Champion. In this role, you will act as the liaison between HIF and your company, spreading the word about Silicon Valley Gives on May 3rd and getting your team excited to compete. The team that raises the most funds on May 3rd will receive a FREE Silver Table at the Summit Dinner on Thursday, September 8th!

Contact us with any questions and let the games begin!




Meta S. Townsley

HIF Executive Director

Your Role as a Champion

Thank you for becoming a Champion for HIF. Your fundraising efforts for #SVGives Day will mean MORE families staying in their homes. As a Champion, you will:

  • Act as the liaison between your company’s team and HIF
  • Communicate with coworkers about HIF and how they can help families in our community by supporting HIF
  • Participate in one brief 20 minute phone call with HIF staff on Wednesday, April 6 at 10:00am
  • Receive weekly emails in the weeks leading up to #SVGives
  • Recruit others in your office to fundraise for HIF
  • Make it FUN to support Housing Industry Foundation on #SVGives Day (and make sure your office WINS BIG by raising the most money!)


Important Dates for Champions

April 6: 10:00am, #SVGives Conference Call to answer team questions (call in number: 712-432-0490 code: 647496#)

April 15: Deadline to set up team fundraising page

April: Recruit and spread the word! Send an eblast to your office, talk at staff meetings. See our tips for success below. Check in regularly with your team.

May 3: Silicon Valley Gives Day!!


What is Silicon Valley Gives Day?

Silicon Valley Gives (#SVGives) is a day of giving benefitting local nonprofits hosted by the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. Beginning in 2014, Silicon Valley Gives has now raised over $15.8 million to date! Housing Industry Foundation is participating with a challenge to those in the apartment industry to help us reach out $50,000 goal.

How do I make a donation?

Visit the Housing Industry Foundation #SVGives page to make an individual donation to HIF. SVGives is May 3, 2016, but all donations made leading up to SVGives will count toward our total!

Or, make a team fundraising page and have your donation count toward the challenge.

What is the benefit of team fundraising?

We’re glad you asked! By engaging many people in small (or large) amounts, you leverage the excitement surrounding #SVGives Day and can make MORE of an impact! By creating a team fundraising page, you can see a count of your company’s donations and create a buzz. You will also be able to see how your company compares to the others fundraising for HIF. It’s social fundraising and we think it’s more fun!

Can my company match their employee’s donations? How?

There are two ways to match on #SVGives:

  1. Match your employees’ donations – Your Champion (or whoever is administrating your team Razoo page) can enter a matching grant for your employees in the “Matching Grants” section of your team Razoo page. This match will only be available to your team. Let your employees know there is a matching grant and please let HIF know as well! This is an excellent way to motivate your team!


  1. Match HIF as an organization – The Silicon Valley Community Foundation is providing lots of publicity to companies providing matches to organization. Your company can provide a matching grant of $1000 or more to HIF and will be featured on the SVGives website and marketing materials. Check out the other companies providing grants this year! This grant will match all donations received on May 3rd, not just your company’s employee donations. The deadline for this type of match is April 1, so visit the Matching Grant FAQ page for more information and let HIF know if you’d like to choose this option ASAP.

Can my Marketing Team co-brand our materials for #SVGives?

Of course! Below you will find the HIF and #SVGives logos – please include both on any materials you distribute.


Share Your Passion

HIF changes lives and, as a Champion, you know that. Share your passion with your coworkers and remind them that (along with friendly competition) this challenge is about keeping people from homelessness.


Keep in Touch

Marketing research shows that people need to hear a new idea 7 times for it to stick. The same with fundraising! Introduce the event in person, if possible. Get on a staff meeting agenda or talk to people one on one before sending a blast email. Send weekly emails reminding people of the challenge and celebrating successes. Feel free to shout out the best fundraisers on your team!


Get a Matching Grant

Matches motivate! Have your company match what your employees raise and see your efforts get exciting. See our FAQ on matches above for more information.


Have FUN!

Gathering together behind a common cause can be a true team builder for your office. Check out Ronald McDonald House’s fun ways to fundraise in your office for inspiration on how to transform this challenge into a real blast!


Get the Bosses Involved

If you are not in the leadership of your organization, let the leadership know what you are doing! Reinforce your company’s relationship with HIF and ask if they would be willing to send an email to staff to promote the event. This could be a great time to ask for a matching grant as well!


Remember – We are here for you!

HIF is SO excited about this challenge, and we are with you every step of the way. Reach out with questions, concerns, or for resources. Connect with Jenna (Jenna@hifinfo.org) any time.

Dear 123Apartments Team,


I am writing with an exciting opportunity. As many of you know, I have served on the Board of the Housing Industry Foundation for 5 years. During that time, I have seen lives completely transformed by a one time grant – recently, the board was told the story of Sam, an Air Force veteran who moved from Texas to the Bay Area after the sudden death of his wife.  A $2500 grant from HIF allowed Sam and his children to afford a security deposit for an apartment close to friends, an apartment out of reach with his military benefits. Since moving in, Sam has enrolled in a local college to pursue a degree in Psychology and Social Action. As you can imagine, these stories mean so much to me, working in our industry.


The HIF Board of Directors has challenged 123Apartments to raise the MOST money of our industry friends for Silicon Valley Gives, a day of giving on May 3rd! We are all competing to show our company pride and I know 123Aparments has the MOST team pride! Will you join me??


I created a team fundraising page for us to track our impact. I want to raise $5000 to be able to give two grants to families like Steve’s this year. If we raise $5000, I will match it with an additional $5000. Please sign up here.


I will be in touch with each of you over the coming weeks! Thank you, and I hope you are looking forward to May 3rd and #SVGives!


All the best,


 Jenna Whisler

Primary #SVGives Contact