Emergency Housing Fund

HIF’s housing fund offers a lifeline after unforeseen and temporary financial setbacks, acting as a bridge between crisis and stability. An unstable housing situation can arise from any number of unexpected circumstances, such as medical bills, job loss, or a death in the family.

HIF collaborates with a network of partner agencies that provide initial screening and supportive services for applicants that demonstrate need and ability to utilize our emergency housing grants for sustained stability leveraging up to $2,500 in support benefiting low-income households threatened with homelessness.  In 2018, HIF funded over $400,000 to more than 300 households.

Grants are often funded within 24 hours of request and may be used for rent, security deposit or utilities. Requests must be due to an unforeseen emergency and clients must demonstrate their ability to meet future expenses.

This map shows the total dollars for EHF grants distributed by city from 2012-2015.

If you are in need of assistance please contact contact the agency in your ZIP.

Featured Stories

Eva & René

Young family gets a new start Life spun out of control quickly for Eva and René when a temporary job loss, coupled with a high-risk pregnancy, landed their young family on the streets. After exhausting their savings on motel rooms, Eva, René, and their two teenage daughters, Viviana and Cielo, had no choice but to move […]

Christy’s story

Looking back on her life, Christy is grateful for her tough childhood.  Her mother was very young when Christy was born and growing up, her father was in and out of prison. She lived in a rough neighborhood.  Today, Christy is thankful for these challenges because they taught her to appreciate everything she has. In […]

Anita’s Story

  Anita has already overcome more than most. As a toddler, she was declared a ward of the state and was placed with foster parents, who also took in her brother and two cousins.  Though her foster parents did the best they could with the four children, Anita had to learn to be self-sufficient at […]

Julia’s Story

Julia lived happily with her husband, Benjamin, and their 5 children until the family was suddenly dealt a heavy blow. Benjamin, husband, father and sole financial provider of the household suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. With no income and little savings, Julia began searching for employment and while struggling to care for the 5 children who had just lost their father—the youngest of whom had just turned 1. Blindsided and devastated, Julia did her best to recover from the situation to tend to her family’s needs, but the financial strain of the ordeal made her fall behind on rent for two months. Employed and working hard to move forward, Julia reached out to HIF for help. With $1000 from HIF, Julia had the financial support to cover the deficit in her budget so that she could maintain her housing while she and her children continued their emotional recover.


Riley’s Story

Riley, her spouse Alexander and their 10 children lived happily in a home in San Jose until earlier this year. Tragedy struck in April when a fire burned their house down and left the entire family suddenly homeless, and with no one to turn to for help. Only a week after losing their home, Alexander lost his job. For months, Riley, Alexander and their 10 children lived in a tent in Alexander’s mother’s backyard while waiting to get the financial and housing support they needed so desperately. They were offered housing twice but the offer was rescinded the first time, and the second unit they were offered was infested with rats. When their time being homeless finally drew to a close, having found and secured an affordable unit for the family, they lacked the savings they needed to pay their security deposit. With $1000 HIF grant Riley and Alexander had the help they needed to finally be back in suitable, stable housing where they will once again create a family home.


Owen’s Story

Owen is recovering from months of intensive chemotherapy treatments that ended in May 2015, after his Hodgkin’s Lymphoma resurfaced at the end of 2014. The side effects of his treatments were so severe that he was left unable to walk more than 10 minutes or even operate a vehicle due to pain and breathing problems. He relied on his brother for transportation to grocery stores for his basic needs since being release from the hospital but was forced to pay for private transportation to more expensive local convenience stores when his brother was unavailable for over a month. With $1000 from HIF, Owen had the financial support he needed to cover the deficit in his budget so that he could keep his housing while continuing to recover from his treatments.


Chloe’s Story

Chloe is a single mother of three who received the opportunity to start a school-work program to finish her high school education. With her class and work schedule, in addition to the demands of raising her young children, she requested that her current full-time employer reduce her role to part-time hours. They were unable to fulfill this request and Chloe was forced to rely on the minimal income from the few work hours she attained through her school program to continue attending classes. Her financial issues were made worse when the father of her two younger children suddenly stopped providing the financial assistance she needed to pay her rent. Though they did eventually come to a financial agreement, the $1000 from HIF helped her catch up with her current month’s rent so she could continue going to school to finally get her high school diploma.


Natalie’s Story

Natalie was a victim of domestic violence who still resided with her abuser when she reached out to HIF. A mother of a 2-year old boy, she worries about the safety and well-being of her and her son. She has decided to leave her current housing situation as soon as possible. At the moment, Natalie and her son attend counseling just to cope with the violence occurring at home. Despite earning enough money to pay for rent each month on her own, her husband has control of all household finances and takes all of Natalie’s income for himself. With $2000 from HIF, Natalie will have the financial support to pay the initial move-in costs of a new apartment. This will enable her to escape her abusive relationship and to finally provide her son with a stable, nurturing environment in which he can grow up happily.


Emma’s Story

Emma is a single mother of a 3 year-old boy for whom she has to pay full-time daycare services during her work days. She and her son have been homeless, and sleeping on the couch of a family friend for months. She recently secured the Housing Authority subsidized housing voucher she needed to afford to live on her own. But because she receives no child-support or government financial assistance Emma is currently struggling to come up with the remainder of the security deposit she agreed to pay when she moved into her new apartment. With $1000 HIF grant Emma will be able to cover the remaining balance of her security deposit so she and her son finally have stable, suitable housing.