Santiago Family

At HIF, our mission is to help individuals and families remain in or return to stable housing through our Homeless Prevention Programs including emergency assistance grants, shelter renovations and affordable housing initiatives.

While we are facing the COVID-19 crisis and everyone is losing their jobs due to the shelter in place order, we initiated the COVID-19 Emergency Fund to help those who are in need of assistance during these difficult times.

One of the families we awarded a grant to was the Santiago family.

We were touched by their story and their thank you letter to us was lovely:

Hi this is the Santiago family and we want to say thank you to the HIF organization for paying our rent during this time of COVID-19. This virus affected our lives a lot because my husband and I couldn’t work. And HIF helped us pay our rent. And we give a big thanks to the people who donate money to this organization that helps families like ours. We want to say that HIF is an amazing organization especially now in this time of COVID. May God bless you.”

You can help us continue helping families like the Santiago Family by donating today. We are HIFStrong and you too can become part of our family.