John’s Story

John joined the AHI Program this past July after learning about HIF through his employer. He currently works in the nonprofit sector where he oversees the Homeless Prevention Services (HPS Program), helping provide rental and financial assistance to families facing possible eviction and homelessness.

“For most of my adult career (as well as part of my youth) I have dedicated myself to provide services to the community at large, in particular at-risk youth. Most recently over the last 4 years I have been working in the housing field providing housing or assistance for families to stay housed.

In the long term I hope that by being in this program I could afford to pursue a Master’s degree and/or further my education in my field. It would potentially also give me the opportunity to save money towards retirement and/or investment or for a house purchase in the distant future.

Knowing I have HIF’s support gives me a piece of mind as I struggle with my finances and debt. With this program, I could see myself in a much better situation and a home I can call my own and have visitors. I am so grateful to HIF and what the AHI is doing to support community minded professionals!”

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