Ha’s Story

After three years on a waitlist, Ha and her daughter Winnie were finally approved for affordable safe housing. They had no way to pay double rent and a security deposit without the support of HIF. Their previous home was on a high traffic busy street. Winnies’ health and behavioral needs changed due to escalating behaviors of bolting and being unaware of safety concerns. This caused a lot of safety stress for Ha a single mom caring for a child with a developmental disability. Ha and Winnie are now in a more affordable and safe community.

“It was very helpful because 1st: I didn’t have any money to move (we didn’t know when we would be called for a waitlist). 2nd I am a single mom here from Vietnam with no family. I needed to hire movers to help with moving our items. 3rd: The deposit was such a high amount I would not have been able to cover that amount. I asked the property manager if they could give me 30 days to get money together. They said no.I Would have lost my spot I have been waiting for and would have been placed back on the waitlist if it wasn’t for the support. My daughter is now in a quieter safer environment and out community is gated with no busy streets around Thank you!”

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