Elizabeth’s Story

Elizabeth is currently employed in the education sector in the Bay Area where she has been working for the last 5 years. She contacted HIF after learning about our Affordable Housing Initiative Program through a colleague at work.

“I would like to stay at my school as I have been there five years and am happy there with the students and faculty. I find professional fulfillment there and joy knowing I make a difference by my work with the children. I would also like to stay near my parents to care for them. However, the reality is this is currently unsustainable for me. The current living situation is not my home where I am comfortable or feel empowered to live my life. I was recommended by a colleague to HIF as teachers everywhere struggle with housing in the Bay Area. I contacted them to help my daughters and I find housing. As a single parent and educator for 20 years, I was having trouble finding a place that allowed me to focus on my family and my students. During the pandemic, I moved into my elderly parents basement after they had been assisting me with rent for several years in a separate home. All of this was unsustainable. I am so happy to now have my own space for my family and myself where I can continue to care for my parents and my children without being squished in the middle physically, also! Our new home will allow me to reclaim mental health to continue to be a strong support for my family, young and old. Thank you!”

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