Yitzely and Marisela’s Story

Yitzely and Marisela were working at local nonprofits when they first heard of the AHI program. Due to remote work, along with a tragic car accident that required months of physical therapy, they needed to move. They spent months looking for affordable housing but everything was too small or in bad condition, too far from work or too expensive. Their family is local, and they did not want to leave their community.

Both have managed to secure roles that allow them to further advance in their careers while in the AHI program. Yitzely recently started working as a District Scheduler/Field Representative and Marisela is a community outreach specialist for the County of Santa Clara working with the LGBTQ community. They have goals to create an emergency fund, pay off debt, and learn how to save for and purchase a home.

When asked about her experience in this program, Yitzely shared how excited she was and how much she looked forward to this new start.

“I completed the application sometime in January 2023 and was able to move into our new home in March! I was very hopeful that this program could be our safe haven and an opportunity for us to be able to live on our own and not give up on our goals.
When I first viewed the apartment I was so happy that it was clean, well kept, safe and spacious. The neighbors and property managers here have been very nice and even remember our names. The HIF program has provided an incredible amount of support during this transition.

Thanks to HIF we have been able to improve our quality of life and have more space to do our everyday life, remote work, exercise, and cooking. I truly appreciate this program for what it is doing for people who are working in the community but are unable to afford housing in this area. The impact that this program has had on our mental health is also incredible. Knowing that I am safe is extremely important.”

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