HIF Signature Programs

Affordable Housing Initiative

HIF believes that our teachers, social workers, health care professionals and first responders should be able to live and thrive in the communities they serve. In partnership with our extensive network of housing providers, HIF is able to provide these units at up to 50% below market rate for up to three years for working families in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties, California. We connect these essential workers to affordable units, saving families on average $12,000 a year on rent.

Emergency Housing Fund

HIF’s housing fund offers a bridge between crisis and stability for low income households threatened with homelessness after unforeseen and temporary financial setbacks (including job loss, medical bills or a death in the family). Our team processes applications via referrals from community agencies that provide additional supportive services for families in need in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties, California.

Renovation Program

HIF supports nonprofit agencies serving San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties in California that provide temporary, transitional and permanent housing for individuals and families experiencing homelessness. Leveraging our vast network and resources within the multifamily industry, HIF completes small and large-scale renovations at no cost to our grantees, allowing these organizations to focus their budgets on the clients and communities they serve.