Shanette’s Story

During the pandemic, Shanette got laid off in January, 2022. Unemployed for a year and a half, she used her savings to keep herself housed as she continued to search for a job. Financially strained, Shanette found herself three months behind on rent and turned to one of HIF’s partner agencies, Sacred Heart Community Services, who helped her apply to our Emergency Housing Fund.

Thanks to HIF, Shanette was able to continue to be stably housed as she found employment and now works as a Public Health Assistant for Santa Clara County Perinatal Equity Initiative Program.

“The grant that I received from HIF had an impact on me that I can’t put into words. This grant was truly a blessing sent from God. I didn’t know how my needs would be met but through the help of Sacred Heart and the HIF emergency housing fund, I received a grant that covered almost 2 months of rent. I am forever grateful!”

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