Shanique’s Story

“I love helping people and working in the Social Welfare field, I try my hardest to make sure those I work with have the proper resources and tools that they need to succeed. I also worked at a special needs private school where I started as the administrative assistant and within 3 years working there, became one of the Assistant Directors of the school. I have also done parenting and high school counseling at a point in time.

Throughout all of these jobs, my main goal was to help! I wanted to impact at least one person or one family and ironically through helping them, I was able to help myself. I know that social welfare jobs are not particularly paid well, but I willingly chose this field for the outcome, not the income.

The last few years have been crazy due to working full time jobs, while attending classes and working unpaid internships, dealing with mental health issues, family death, and so much more.

I finished School the end of February and moved out here to San Jose, CA (where I was born and raised) to start work as a Monterey County Department of Social Services Family Reunification Social Worker! Since moving to CA, I have been having a very hard time finding housing.

I love being a part of this program as I can see the necessity and I can see how it can benefit people like me, who are working really hard to change their past by doing what they can to better their future.

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