Sandra’s Story

Sandra first applied to AHI in August 2023 and moved into her new apartment a month later. Sandra is a single mother working locally at a nonprofit focusing on homeless prevention and managing shelters. Sandra was struggling financially to maintain housing in the Bay Area, however moving from this community was not ideal as her sister, a big support to her, lives locally. Sandra reports that her and her son’s mental health and overall quality of life has improved while being in AHI. She stated that her son is flourishing and able to get more involved in sports and other activities that were previously unaffordable.

“Being a part of AHI has had a significant positive impact on both me and my child. The financial relief this program provides alleviates the strain on my overall budget, enabling me to better address other critical expenses such as childcare, education, and other household expenses. Knowing that we have a secure and affordable place to live helps reduce the stress and uncertainty that often comes with housing instability. This stability is crucial for the emotional well-being of my family, especially for my child.

This program has been instrumental in laying the groundwork for achieving my household goals and aspirations. Through financial relief, stability, and community support, AHI has created an environment conducive to pursuing educational, professional, and personal growth over the next 1-3 years. I anticipate that the program will continue to be a key factor in helping us progress towards these goals and building a brighter future for my family. Thank you HIF.”

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