The Rod Standard Grant Program

In 2006, HIF launched the VIP Program, renamed the Rod Standard Grant Program (RSGP) in memory of our beloved board member, to give donors an opportunity to provide immediate support to families in our community facing a housing crisis.

The funds donors provide have a real and lasting impact. Recently, RSGP recipients, Delfy and his wife, were at risk of losing their housing when they were temporarily laid off work due to the extreme weather last month and they fell behind on their rent. The family of 5 desperately needed financial help until the couple was able to return to work. Because of a donation through RSGP, The Housing Industry Foundation was able to provide $2,500 towards last month’s rent to help keep this family housed.

For those who are one financial setback away from losing their home, an HIF emergency housing grant can make all the difference. Generous VIP members in the Rod Standard Grant Program offer a lifeline to these families when they need it most. RSGP donors have the unique opportunity to know exactly who they helped – HIF sends them the story of the individual or family they sponsored.

The Rod Standard Grant Program is funded by a yearly industry luncheon where our donors and other leaders in the Multifamily Housing Industry come together for networking and a panel discussions on the industry’s outlook.

Many thanks to our generous donors.

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