LifeMoves Julian Street Inn

Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness

For the 1,000 homeless individuals housed each night, including families, men and women, children, and veterans, LifeMoves provides so much more than just temporary shelter.  LifeMoves’ programs combat homelessness today—and tomorrow—by teaching comprehensive life skills that help individuals struggling with homelessness achieve long-term self-sufficiency.

Julian Street Inn, one of LifeMoves’ shelters, provides emergency and transitional housing for adults working to overcome homelessness and mental illness.  LifeMoves’ programs are free of charge for the individuals they serve, and HIF decided that Julian Street Inn deserved a gift as well—free of charge to LifeMoves. When HIF staff visited the shelter, they noticed the wear-and-tear Julian Street Inn had suffered from its many years of housing 71 individuals each night. The sleeping dorms where so many seek refuge every night were cramped and worn, with inadequate storage for clients’ belongings and broken window blinds.

Prometheus Real Estate Group, a seasoned Corporate Champion, volunteered their time and many generous vendors rallied behind the cause, including CORT, HD Supply, IBI, Mannington Mills, Medallion Landscape Management, Pierce Signs & Displays, ProFloors, Sherwin-Williams, Varsity Painting, and Daniel Gaines Photography.  We transformed the sleeping dorms to a bright and cozy oasis with fresh paint and new windows, doors, and partitions for sleeping cots.  The exterior of Julian Street Inn also got a refresh with landscaping, new paint, and outdoor furniture.

After the $35,000 worth of repairs were complete, the CEO of LifeMoves declared that the renovation created a sense of dignity and respect that lets residents know how much the community cares about their success.