Rod Standard Grant Program

In 2006, HIF launched the VIP Program, renamed the Rod Standard Grant Program in memory of our dedicated board member, for individuals with the means to help our community above and beyond what HIF is normally able to provide. Nearly every month, HIF exhausts its funding before every family in crisis can be helped.  Members of the Rod Standard Grant Program directly support families in immediate need of housing assistance by donating in increments of $1000.

Last year, a VIP funded Terri, a working mom who has been the sole financial provider for her son since her husband passed away. For those who are one financial setback away from losing their home, an HIF emergency housing grant can make all the difference. Generous VIP members in the Rod Standard Grant Program offer a lifeline to these families when HIF’s grant resources have been exhausted in a given month.

VIP members have the unique opportunity to know exactly who they helped – HIF sends them the story of the individual or family they sponsored. As a thank you to our VIPs, we host our program members at an exclusive VIP business networking luncheon. Attendees learn about subjects relative to the multi-family industry and network in the company of fellow colleagues with similar interests.

Many thanks to our generous donors. Become a Rod Standard Grant Program member today.