Michael’s Story

For the past 25 years I’ve made my full time living as a birthday party magician for children’s parties. My income as a full time magician has been just enough to pay my bills, rent and food and before COVID, I’d never asked for any kind of financial aid. 

When the pandemic hit, my life completely changed.  All my shows were canceled and I needed to return everyone’s deposit all at once: I no longer had enough money to pay my bills. I went on unemployment for the first time because I couldn’t even do gig work that needed a car.

After almost a year of pandemic, my savings had been drained and I was struggling to keep up with bills. Luckily, this last September and October HIF helped me with two months of my rent payment at the time I had no way to pay on my own.

I know once these dark days pass my life can return to some kind of normalcy. I’m hoping that with the vaccine around the corner my life will soon turn around and I’ll be able to perform my magic shows again.

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