Helena’s Story

We all have suffered the impact of the pandemic. Our lives changed drastically.

When HIF covered our rent for the month of November, it was our Christmas gift. My parents are elderly, and my father had a heart attack two years ago. He recovered but he suffers from glaucoma, osteoporosis and cancer on the bones. They are both retired but their income is not enough. Thanks to the extraordinary help from HIF we were able to buy groceries for the entire family. Also our late bills. I have no words to express the gratitude to HIF for covering our rent of the month of November.

You have no idea how much HIF helped us through these difficult times. HIF helped my daughter and family with the rent for the month of January.

I feel like crying when I think of the awesome help from HIF The way they impacted our lives for the best. There are no words to express my gratitude. Thank you, thank you HIF. You have my gratitude forever.

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