Mattie’s Story

Mattie first applied to AHI in September 2022 after moving back to the Bay Area to continue her work in early education. She moved into an apartment with a high rent, making it very difficult to survive and stay housed near her job. Mattie was commuting over the bridge daily and paying more than half her monthly income on rent. A co-worker, who is a current recipient in the AHI program, referred Mattie to the program.

“Mattie works in a nonprofit, Head Start Preschool Education program, with a mission to support children in their growth and development by providing a quality learning environment. Her students receive three meals a day and help with their dental and physical needs.

With the help of the AHI program, Mattie moved into her apartment September 1, 2023 and now lives only a few miles from work and family. She also enjoys the nearby dog parks and walking trails.

“I was able to pay off one debt completely and have worked out payment plans with 3 other creditors which I would not have been able to do without the help of AHI. Once I have paid my creditors off, my next plan is to save, as I would like to continue living in this community until I retire at 67. My work commute is wonderful and the community is amazing! Thank you again AHI for supporting me with affordable housing!”

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