Yamini’s Story

“Now, I have an apartment I love that’s close to work, full of natural light which is so important for managing my seasonal depression, and surrounded by friendly neighbors.”

Yamini is a recent AHI client and before the program she was spending approximately 80% of her paycheck on rent and utilities. She works in the education sector as a Curriculum Specialist at several dual language elementary schools in Santa Clara County. 

In her words, she “loves helping teachers and students from low-income and minority communities gain important skills to succeed in life.” AHI was her last hope before she was forced to leave California for somewhere more affordable—her absence in our community would be a terrible loss for the teachers and students who she helps every day.

Yamini was matched to a unit at The Woods Apartments, a property managed by Arcadia Management Services in our AHI partner network. Now, she spends approximately 40% of her paycheck on rent and utilities. She feels like she can breathe easier just knowing that she has a cushion for each paycheck for other necessities and emergencies.

Before AHI, none of this would have been possible. I was at the tipping point of choosing between a job I love or moving out of the area.”

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