The Parisi House on the Hill Renovation

The Parisi House on the Hill (Parisi House) is Santa Clara County’s first mother-and-child residential alcohol and drug treatment facility, allowing mothers to focus on their six-month treatment program without the emotional distraction caused when separated from their child. Parisi House provides living facilities for 20 mothers and 22 children (up to age 5) who have made the choice to end the cycle of substance abuse.

Housing Industry Foundation was pleased to be able to provide the improvements needed to The Parisi House on the Hill located in San Jose with the generosity of Avalon Bay Communities & Sherwin Williams.  The improvements included full exterior painting of the house along with new exterior lighting.  The outer landscape was also upgraded to provide safe and enjoyable conditions for the children to play while creating beauty around the property.  The interior of the facilities were also improved to increase the living conditions for the mothers and their children.