Marniee’s Story

There really are no words to express the impact this housing grant has had for my two children and I.  In the uncertain times we are faced with due to COVID-19 and the order to shelter in place, I was laid off from my job, as a Montessori director and teacher where I have been employed for the past twenty years. This was a difficult decision for all involved but was made out of abundance of caution for the children in the care of the facility as well as its twenty employees.  I have never been unemployed, and was in a state of panic, wondering if unemployment benefits would be enough to cover my rent and basic necessities for my family.  

I soon realized the answer was very clear that unemployment will only cover a portion of my rent and I would be faced with a difficult choice: pay my rent or buy food for my children. After applying and being awarded this housing grant, a great sense of relief came, we would not be homeless or hungry. This peace of mind helped my children transition to online learning so they will both graduate on time. And even though they both got jobs (at McDonald’s and Home Depot) to help pay the rent, they have been able to concentrate on their studies, without the added stress of worrying about money. This grant has also given me time to make the best decisions for my family and future employment (and allowed me to get a much needed job at Safeway).

I am so grateful to HIF for helping to keep my children in their home and safe, making it possible for us to remain in the community that we love. In these times, home is more than just a shelter from the cold, it is a safe place, as well as an important ally enabling us to participate in the fight against the spread of COVID-19. To do our part in keeping essential workers safe and healthy, so they continue to fight on the frontlines for all of us. 

Simply stated, with the utmost of respect, without this assistance this would not have been possible. Thank you.

Please donate today and help us keep our teachers like Marniee housed.