Christina’s Story

Life has not been easy for Christina, who grew up in foster care. She worked very hard to get where she is today and afford her first apartment, a place that she can call her own. Christina lost her job as a result of a car accident where her car was totaled, as she was not able to travel to and from work. She started to make financial sacrifices and cut back on expenses to make ends meet while searching for a new job. Realizing she was getting further behind, Christina contacted one of our partner agencies, Catholic Charities, who reached out to HIF for emergency financial assistance.

“The EHF grant really came through for me. It provided me with the financial support I needed to overcome those hardships. It helped ease the burden and allowed me to focus on my goals without worrying about money. I’m so grateful for the support they provided. It made a huge difference in my life!

It’s amazing how this grant can make a real difference in people’s lives. It provides financial support and resources that can help individuals and organizations achieve their goals. With this grant, people can pursue their passions, make positive changes in their communities, and create a lasting impact. It’s truly inspiring to witness the transformative power of these grants!”

Please help us continue keeping our valued community members like Christina housed by donating today.