Renovation Request

By leveraging our relationships with industry leaders HIF is able to provide renovations to shelter organizations. In 2011, HIF was able to leverage $14 worth of renovations for every $1 granted.

Most shelters and non-profit housing providers in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties lack financial resources, staff expertise, and organizational capacity to renovate their facilities beyond routine maintenance. HIF can fill this critical gap with access to the expertise and resources within the multi-family industry, including in-kind donations of material and labor, to complete facility renovations and upgrades at significantly reduced costs.

Renovations completed by HIF range in scope from providing basic furnishings to major rehabilitations of buildings and improved landscaping. Through these projects, HIF has bettered the quality of life for homeless veterans, women in recovery, victims of domestic violence, and low-income senior citizens.

[pullquote_right]“By providing support, you really made our organizational vision a reality. HIF is affecting the most significant need of our community.”
Dana Bainbridge
First Christian Church and Downtown Streets Team, San Jose
[/pullquote_right]When First Christian Church in San Jose needed to convert part of their space into rooms to be used by the homeless, HIF stepped in to help. They provided the resources to refinish the floors, renovate the bathrooms and upgrade the community meeting room. The project would have cost the church at least $36,000, but HIF invested $6,000 and combined this with numerous donations from corporations and board members.  HIF provided the housing and convenience needed for the program.

The contribution was very significant both financially and communally in terms of effectiveness. Now we are measuring a dramatic difference among the clients.  They have greater stability in their housing and job preparation for employment.  People staying at the church have risen into leadership positions within our organization.