Need Housing Assistance?

What is an Emergency Housing Grant and who is eligible to receive one?

It’s one-time assistance up to $2,500 for rent, security deposit, and/or utilities. To qualify, a household must be at risk of homelessness or currently homeless because of a no-fault situation and living in or moving into Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties in California. Grants can be processed within 24 hours and the grant is issued directly to the landlord, property manager, or the owner of the housing unit.

To qualify, the housing crisis must be considered “no-fault.” No-fault housing crises include not being able to pay your housing costs because of illness, injury, temporary loss of income, unanticipated expenses (like a car repair or medical bill), or being the victim of a crime. You may also qualify if you’re moving from temporary or unsuitable living conditions, like an overcrowded or pest-infested unit.

How do I apply?

The Emergency Housing Fund applications are accepted through referral only. We work with nearly fifty other organizations, so if you’re in a housing crisis, get in contact directly with the agency most suited to serve you and the staff there will help you apply for our program.  HIF does not accept applications directly from community members.

Where do I apply?

It depends on where you live. Many of our partner organizations serve specific ZIPs, though we also have partners that serve specific populations, like veterans or victims of domestic violence.

Call 2-1-1 or use the tool below to search for an agency serving the neighborhood where you are seeking help. If you are relocating outside of Santa Clara or San Mateo counties, we regret that we cannot assist you.

Your neighborhood’s agency

You should contact the following location: