Melissa’s Story

Melissa is a public high school teacher who has been working in education for ten years. The sole provider for her family, Melissa was recently faced with the stressful prospect of moving out of the state due to the rising costs of housing. She first heard about HIF in March 2023 through a good friend who is also a teacher. Melissa was approved for AHI and a month later, moved into her new apartment.

“I am a newly single parent to a 12 year old boy. This year I unexpectedly had to move. I was worried I would have to move out of the area because all I could afford at this time was a studio apartment. I was beginning to stress when an old friend reached out to me and told me about this amazing program for teachers and I applied the next day. I was fortunate enough to be approved and I could not be more grateful.

Without this program I would not be able to provide a safe, spacious home for me and my son alone. I would have to get roommates or move out of the area. I have an amazing job in an amazing school district and I love living close to work and my son’s school. I live and work close enough that I can drop him off and pick him up every day. I would never be able to afford a place near my work and because of this program I can live comfortably and still be able to save for my future. My goal is to save enough money for a down payment for a house by the time I graduate from this program.

Thank you HIF, I am forever grateful and recommend this program to any teachers that are struggling to make a living here in the Bay Area.”

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