It Takes a Village

New Creation House Gets A New Look

Sitting on a small lot near the southern end of the San Francisco Bay, New Creation House is both home to young mothers working through educational programs, and playground for their children. New Creation Home Ministries also uses the venue to provide young mothers with academic, vocational, parental and social development programs, with the ultimate goal of achieving long-term financial stability to provide a warm home for their children.

Serving more than 20 mothers and their children, New Creation House has been home to many generations of children and young mothers. When they first approached HIF, the exterior paint and light fixtures all showed the effects of years of the bay’s cool, humid air. The playground’s floor and equipment bore the unmistakable signs of use by hundreds of tiny hands and feet. Lacking both the expertise and resources to renovate the property on their own, New Creation Home Ministries relied on HIF and partners to rejuvenate the house that continues to be a home and a valuable resource to so many new families.

On Thursday, October 29th, Essex Property Trust Inc. volunteers and supporting partners gathered to renovate New Creation Home. Twenty-two volunteers contributed over 130 total hours transforming the landscape and playground, painting the exterior, renovating the flooring and upgrading light and window fixtures.

“A place to live requires invested time, structure, and love. Thank you for your time, investment, and the improvement to our place. Thank you for making our place not just a place but a home.”  – Jasmine, New Creation House, Resident

The renovation of New Creation Home would not have been possible without the leadership of Scott Nicoll of Essex. Scott provided an exceptional amount of time and resources, working with partners, BayPro Landscape Services, BellaVista Landscape Services Inc., Benchmark Environmental Engineering, Daniel Gaines Photography, Fashion Furniture Rental, G.A. Higgins Inc., Kelly-Moore Paints, and National Apartment Flooring to ensure this project’s success.

“The Housing Industry Foundation has served our organization with passion, generosity, honor, and excellence. I am deeply thankful and moved by the Housing Industry Foundation’s provision, thoughtfulness, and attention to our needs.” – Melissa Liotti, New Creation House, Resident Housing Director

The total market value of this renovation project amounted to approximately $40K. Because of the contributions by Essex and all of the companies above, HIF spent only $26K cash.