COVID-19 Emergency Assistance

HIF’s Emergency Housing Fund offers a lifeline after unforeseen and temporary financial setbacks, acting as a bridge between crisis and stability. An unstable housing situation can arise from any number of unexpected circumstances, such as medical bills, job loss, or COVID-19 related circumstances.

Community members threatened by homelessness and interested in applying for an emergency grant, will be required to demonstrate need and ability to utilize our emergency housing grants for sustained stability up to $2,500.

HIF has:

  • Helped 300 households (over 800 individuals) remain housed
  • Dispersed over $500,000 in assistance to families in need

Click here to apply for emergency assistance
Email inquiries are accepted only at 

Stories From Our Community

Michael’s Story

“For the past 25 years I’ve made my full time living as a birthday party magician for children’s parties. My income as a full time magician has been just enough to pay my bills, rent and food and before COVID, I’d never asked for any kind of financial aid.  When the pandemic hit, my life [...]

Helena’s Story

“We all have suffered the impact of the pandemic. Our lives changed drastically. When HIF covered our rent for the month of November, it was our Christmas gift. My parents are elderly, and my father had a heart attack two years ago. He recovered but he suffers from glaucoma, osteoporosis and cancer on the bones. [...]

Bertina’s Story

"We live in a low-income family apartment complex with my parents. I worked full time before COVID19, now I only work 16 - 20 hrs. per week. Before COVID it was really hard to provide for my three children and my elder parents to cover their basic necessities, but now, it feels impossible to do [...]