Eva & René

Young family gets a new start

Eva and Family

Photo by Daniel Gaines Photography

Life spun out of control quickly for Eva and René when a temporary job loss, coupled with a high-risk pregnancy, landed their young family on the streets.

After exhausting their savings on motel rooms, Eva, René, and their two teenage daughters, Viviana and Cielo, had no choice but to move into their car. René searched for a new job.  With Eva being unable to work due to her high-risk pregnancy, he was the only income source for the family. A local Target store became their temporary daytime home, until the store closed each night and the family was forced to sleep in their car. The young girls did not understand why this was happening.

Through the terrible and stressful time, Eva waited and prayed that her family could enter transitional housing before she welcomed her new baby to the world. Just days after being accepted into Family Supportive Housing, Eva gave birth to a healthy baby boy. With the help of FSH, Eva and René found an affordable apartment in Santa Clara, and HIF’s Emergency Housing Fund provided the security deposit.

Today, René has a full-time job and Eva is in school. Cielo and Viviana are both doing well in school, making new friends, and joining sports teams. The family has a place to prepare meals, space to take care of the newborn baby, and a safe, stable place to call home.