Elizabeth’s Story

When Covid-19 hit, Elizabeth was working to transition homeless individuals and families into tiny homes, emergency shelters, and affordable housing while providing case management services. She soon realized she was not far from being homeless herself. Due to the pandemic, her hours were reduced making it difficult to provide housing for herself and daughter. The apartment complex where she used to live was being cleared due to construction and Elizabeth’s options for new housing was limited.

Elizabeth's Story

“I was told that I would have to live in a motel with my daughter for 3 months and this made me stressed and worried due to the pandemic, because the motel that I was going to be sent to was the same hotel where I was helping Covid positive clients get housed. At this moment of life my only option was to move out of San Jose with my family and lose everything including my job.

One day my boss gave me a flier and told me to apply to [the AHI program at] HIF. Within a few weeks I received a call from HIF letting me know I was approved for the program! [A month later], I moved into an amazing 2-bedroom apartment in Campbell. HIF has helped me in so many ways, [including] creating a safer living environment where I can raise my daughter. [I now have] the freedom and flexibility to be able to go back to college at San Jose State University to start my undergrad in Social Work. Since I’ve been on the program, I have been able to direct friends and clients to HIF for housing and emergency rental assistance. In my journey I believe that lessons are learned from our lowest points in life so that we can help others that are in the same place we once were.

I am really grateful for all the funders and staff that have been able to make this journey for me and my daughter possible.”

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