Christy’s story


Christy and her children; photo by Daniel Gaines Photography

Looking back on her life, Christy is grateful for her tough childhood.  Her mother was very young when Christy was born and growing up, her father was in and out of prison. She lived in a rough neighborhood.  Today, Christy is thankful for these challenges because they taught her to appreciate everything she has.

In 2012, Christy was going through a hard time with her husband, and when she lost her job, she was desperate to make ends meet for her young children. HIF assisted Christy with a $1000 grant to help her get back on her feet, and ever since, Christy has made it a priority to give back.

She knows that for every family that is helped, there are still others out there struggling to keep their home or return to stable housing.

Every December, Christy organizes a toy drive on behalf of the food pantry or the fire department, which delivers holiday gifts to children in need. She and her family also collect socks and PB&J sandwiches for the homeless through the Sockwich program.

Today, Christy’s family is happy and stable. She reunited with her husband, and her kids are successful in school and sports. America, Christy’s oldest daughter, is the vice president of her elementary school. Christy’s son is a star soccer player.  Christy works full-time and attends school.