Brenda’s Story

Brenda applied to AHI in March of 2021. Her and her partner, Juan and their two children were in need of affordable and local housing. They noticed their savings declining and costs going up and decided they needed to reach out for help for their family. Brenda moved into an apartment through our partnership with Essex in 2021 and she and her family have been flourishing ever since.

Since joining the AHI program, Brenda has progressed in her career going from a social services eligibility coordinator to working for the County of San Mateo in Child and Family Services. She has not only taken a step forward at her job, but also in bringing home more money to support her family. Brenda works as a family care manager supporting social workers with their caseloads. She also supervises visitation between children and their families while they are involved with the agency and provides translation services for social workers.

Brenda’s partner Juan, has been able to start a successful, thriving food truck business. He has also been able to make concrete steps toward furthering his own career goals while continuing to provide for his family.

Their children have also benefited from being in the AHI program. They completed their First Communion in May of 2022 because they had the additional savings to pay for the classes at their church. Brenda and Juan have been able to pay down debt and reduce their overall stress levels. They now have time and additional money to enroll their children in sports. With some extra breathing room and resources, they are also able to improve their quality of life and time they spend with their children without the stress of looming high rent and increasing debt.

HIF is proud to have hard working participants like Brenda and Juan in our program and we are excited to continue to keep community workers like Brenda living and thriving in the community she serves.

Please help us continue keeping our valued community members like Brenda housed by donating today.